Daniel is a highly skilled and experienced Gestalt psychotherapist and Somatic Experience practitioner with a passion for supporting clients in their personal growth, healing and change.  

He is committed to engaging the client’s resilience, offering a welcoming, considered and authentic approach in working alongside them to explore what feels in need of attention.

"I found Daniel to be really receptive to my needs. His sincere presence makes me feel welcome and understood! In a kind way, he will question my assumptions and support me to seek possible alternatives to grow inwardly as well as my day to day life"
Rob, Bayswater. 

"Daniel is one of the kindest, most genuine people I have come across.  He cares about who I am and is willing to listen and be present to me no matter what is going on in my life.  Daniel has supported me through both ups and downs.  I feel his compassion and I trust his wisdom."  Anne, Croydon.

Gestalt Therapy

'If you abandon the present moment, you cannot live the moments of your daily life deeply.'
Thich Nhat Hanh

Gestalt Therapy appreciates that as we grow to understand and accept how things are, we allow for a greater sense of choice, responsiveness and compassion in how we relate to ourselves and others.

Somatic Experiencing

'Trauma is a fact of life. It does not, however, have to be a life sentence.' Peter A Levine Founder of Somatic Experiencing.

Somatic Experiencing is a body-oriented psychobiological approach to resolving trauma. It supports a process of renegotiating what emerges in the present to have greater mastery of one’s own life.