For more than a decade, Daniel has worked in the fields of mental health, disability and counselling. He has practised counselling in community clinics with adults, in schools with adolescents and in mental health settings, as well as facilitated therapeutic wellbeing groups.

Daniel has worked with diverse client groups. He is skilled in understanding the complexities of the health, wellbeing, interpersonal and psychosocial challenges affecting individuals, relationships, families, and marginalised communities. 

Daniel’s style is compassionate, non-judgemental, calm, and attentive. He offers therapy that is insightful and effective. For more than 20 years, he has had a commitment to personal growth, studying and practising aspects of Eastern Psychology and mindfulness. He is a highly ethical and considerate therapist.



Advanced Diploma of Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy (4 years) 

Somatic Experiencing Advanced (3 years)

Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation Australia (PACFA)