Establishing a therapeutic foundation that feels safe and supportive, at a comfortable pace, is fundamental to Daniel's approach. 


His approach provides the client with opportunities to greater understand what may be holding them back from making a life decision, to explore a relationship struggle or to gain greater mastery over the harmful impacts of trauma. 


He appreciates personal growth is an ongoing process; his intention is to support the client to become their own therapist in a way, by collaborating with them to develop greater emotional literacy, control, empowerment, acceptance and peace. 


Gestalt Therapy focuses on what's emerging in the here and now, with curiosity to develop insight into what at times are unhelpful, reactive patterns that may have been needed in the past and may not be needed or helpful for all situations now. 


It supports developing an awareness of ways in which the client has coped with situations; how they have potentially become stuck in habitual ways of seeing situations and of relating to themselves and others. 


Out of date coping styles can constrain current experience in ways the client is not aware of, which can prevent them living life more fully. 


Somatic Experiencing focuses on supporting a clients’ capacity and awareness of the nervous system response, and gently guiding a process of renegotiation to restore greater wholeness, healing and vitality. 


Our bodies, including our nervous system, hold memories and imprints of past experiences, both in and out of our awareness. 


Traumatic experiences can get stored in the body and in nervous system responses. This can result in reliving aspects of the trauma which have become embedded, making it harder to live life to the full. 


Daniel approaches with responsiveness, inclusivity and respects people from diverse cultures, people from the LGBTIQA+ community, people with disability and those experiencing mental health challenges. 


Daniel acknowledges the Bunurong people as the custodians of the land on which he works, lives, and pays respects to Elders past, present and emerging.